Tone up your body with a Personal Trainer

What is toning up ?

Tone up your body with a Personal Trainer consists on working out all your body and get your muscle toned. It is nothing about bobybuilding competition.

A Tone Up program could be done to your whole body or we can focus on one particular muscle group.

With my nutrition advices, a tone up  program could also be seen as a slimming program.

What does a training session focus on toning looks like with a personal trainer

In the training focus on the toning, I take my exercice from various sport univers to fit your current mood and your fitness level. We will explore exercices from the functional area, strength training and also martial arts (self defense technics).

If you don’t have sport objective, training with a theme could help me to create a useful training design for you. Themes could be your family activities like cycling, inline skating or even the everyday tasks that you want to make more easily.

I make my training fun by exploring various universe and exploring every piece of equipment that I have (elastic band, TRX, Medecin Ball, kettlebell, punching bags).

Follow your improvement

Whichever your fitness objective, I propose to analyse your body with my Tanita tool. Tests can also be set up depending on your need.

The Tanita body analysis tool has a medical accuracy. It gives us a lot of measures that we can decide to follow. Measures are muscle mass per segment, fat mass per segment, percentage of body fat per segment, belly fat index, weight…

We repeat the analysis approximatively every month to see the changes.

We can also decide to test your capability in strength and cardio skills. Those tests are performed if you want it. Double check are made on demand.

Flexibility tests are performed everytime because they don’t requires any effort and I can prescribe exercice doable by everyone.

Contact me and let me know about your Fitness Goal !

Tone Up your Body with a personal Trainer in Geneva

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