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Exercices for beginner in snowboard


If you start the snowboard this winter and you imagine yourself directly riding powder snow in the mountain then… you have to be patient 🙂 Yes, you will make it, but not during the very first days..

If like me before, you don’t have any experience in skateboarding or surf, you will spend a lot of time seated or lie down on the snow.

You will find in this article, four fundamental exercices to master before you begin the snowboarding adventure and enjoy the mountain after those first days.

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Enjoy your training


1. Sit Up


The objective is to work out your abs and the coordination with your arms. Throw your arms to ignite the move.

Snowboarding Situation: this exercice will help you to seated on the snow anytime you will be on your back

2. Crab Toe Touch


Coordination and strength that moves your arms, the dorsi and abs.

Snowboarding Situation: this exercice will help anytime you will have to attach your board.

3. Burpees Pieds Attachés


Attach your legs and do burpees

Snowboarding Situation: useful whenever you derive from the path and you want to come back with the stairs technic.

4. Snowboarder Stand up


With or without weight, bend your legs to the maximum and try to stand up. Start without load to try your mobility.

Snowboarding Situation: stand up with strength 


Here is a very simple protocole to evaluate yourself.

Do  10 repetition of each exercice as a warm up.

Evaluate your warm up difficulty:

Hard: without load, do 4 rounds of 10 repetitions per exercice with 30 seconds rest between each exercice.

Medium Hard: without load, do 4 rounds of 15 repetitions per exercice without rest time.

Easy: with a load, do 4 rounds of 20 repetitions per exercice without rest time.


By mastering those 4 exercices, you will get away of typical situation met by a beginner  in snowboarding.

Learn how to stand up is a good thing, but manage the landing is more important.

To do so, I would suggest you to protect yourself correctly.

Here is a list of protective equipment that I recommend you to wear when practicing snowboarding:

  1. Helmet
  2. Coccyx protector
  3. Back bone protector
  4. Wrist protector
  5. Knees Protector
  6. Elbow protector

In the beginning, you will look like a robot, but we will talk about style later 🙂

Ask your question directly by message or in my social networks.

Enjoy your ride !


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Ce coaching a été revitalisant et m’a redonné l’envie de faire du sport.
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