The Small group Training

What is a small group training ?

The small group training with a personal trainer is Fun !

Through different workstation, I make you develop your physical condition. You will be conditioned for endurance, strength, explosiveness.. Every objectives could be reached with the group training like Toning, General fitness and even Performance.

I limit the participant at six people to let me have the time to focus on everyone.

Group Training for Who ?

This training format is for people of any fitness level who wants to do sport activity.. but not alone ! Indeed, for some people, training in a group motivates much more than training alone. Every single exercice is divided into level if necessary. 

Group activities creates links between people and also souvenirs. I animate periodical training session or you can ask me to animate a one shot event like corporate team building.

I also invite you to reach me if you represent a company that need someone to supervise its own fitness to make the activity safer.

Group Creation

If you are interested by the group training, please send me a message with your address or the area where you wanted to train. I will consolidated people information and try to create a group. I will contact you if I have sufficient participants in your area

Try the Small Group Training with a personal Trainer

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