Best Way To Learn Fitness Personal Trainer Switzerland

The Best Way To Learn Fitness Movement Personal Trainer Switzerland

Posture Technic Load and Speed

Welcome to my Blog,

I am Cedric Personal Trainer in Geneva Switzerland and here is what I think of what is the best way to learn how to move.

This acquisition technic hierarchy is transportable to any physical activities or sports!

– Question: How to activate core muscles? What is the initial stance ? What is the final stance ?

– To Practice: activate your core muscles, stay and analyse the initial and final stance.

– Question: What is the trajectory from the initial stance to the final stance ? Which are the muscles involved in the movement ? Where are the critical moment where I can lost my core activation ?

– Practice: do the entire movement in a slow pace until you get the technic.

Speed and Load:
– Contexte: Depending on the discipline, Speed and Load parameters could be place in the same level. In this case, speed is before the load because in most area, body weight could be the only load requires.

– Practice: Speed and Load parameters must be added progressively.

Into one single training session, you should train at the speed and load that make you have the perfect postures and technic.

If you lose one of the two parameters, slow down and unload is productive. Indeed, those two parameters will keep you safe and make you improve.

To Repeat and error will used you and will led you to the potential injury.

To Repeat a bad form or technic will make this execution the one your body know and slow you down.

Keep in mind PTSL !

Customers talk About

Excellent experience with training with Cedric.

Highly knowledgeable about each muscle group so which ever pain or ache I presented, Cedric was able to reach and address it. Even though our training was done via screen due to Covid19 constraints, he was able to observe and correct my movements. [...]"

Coach Très Dynamique !

"Cédric est une personne très dynamique, toujours au taquet, vraiment à l'écoute, il m'a poussé quand c'était dur. il sait s'adapter et j'avoue qu’il a fait très fort ! Merci pour ta motivation ! [...]"


Super Expérience !

Ce coaching a été revitalisant et m’a redonné l’envie de faire du sport.
J’ai retrouvé la forme et je me suis raffermi. [...]"

The best way to learn movement Personal Trainer geneva Switzerland

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