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At Home Personal Trainer, Geneva Versoix and Vaud

At Home Personal Trainer, First Contact

After the very first contact, I propose you and virtual meeting to get to know each other. The objective of this video conference is to allow me to have a better understanding of your objectives and your current fitness level.

We go through my health and motivation form and this discussion will help me to design the primary lines of your training plan and to create the first training.

At Home personal trainer, first training

I come to your house (or to an other place like your office) to train you.

Choosing someone who will accompanies you during months is a question of feeling. This is the reason why I let us some minutes to talk after the first training. Thus you can give me your feedback about the training session, and I show you your training plan. After this, you have all the information to decide if you would like to work with me.

At Home personal trainer, pre-requisite

To train in good condition at home, we only need around 5m2.

Whatever your fitness objective, I bring all the necessary equipment to train you.

For your own confort, I would suggest a gym mat.

At home personal training advantage

The very first one is that you have the benefit of a sport expert at home.

With the spread of the home office habit, having a personal trainer at home could help you the make a break in your day and workout efficiently to reach your fitness goal.

I admit that at home, I can help people to reach any type of objective except for advanced bodybuilding person and endurance athlete for the endurance part.

So, you can think about having a personal trainer at home if you want to loss weight, getting fit or want to practice the cross training.

It is a good alternative if you don’t like Fitness Clubs.

Cities in which I can come:

I go mainly in cities around Geneva and Versoix because I used to be in Let’s Go Fitness of Geneva Nations and Versoix.

I would also come to cities like Grand-Saconnex, Chambésy, Versoix, Meyrin, Vernier, Lancy, Plan les Ouates, Carouge, Bellevue, Genthod, Collex Bossy, Mies, Chavannes des Bois, Tannay, Commugny, Coppet, Founex.

Please let me know where you live even if your city is not in the previous list.

Reach your fitness goal with a personal trainer at home

Keep in Touch

Get in Touch

Cédric Tran Personal Trainer Geneva Switzerland:

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