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Gym Opening and Covid 19 Self TEst

Geneva and Vaud’s Gym are now open and sports without contact like the personal training are also allowed in Switzerland. Thanks !

In this article, I will explain my vision of the covid 19 self test applied to the Gym and others sport activities to keep them open. 

Do I need to be test for COvid to go to the Gym ?

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 crisis, Gyms and other Sports activities are closed.

Now that Gyms can open again for all, it is to use, users of gym and trainer to prove our responsibility  sense and avoid the propagation of the virus in our sport and work areas.

This is not mandatory to get tested but I would highly recommend it. I think that a weekly self test to check if we are not a non visible symptoms with the Covid 19 virus is a good strategy. By doing this, we can self quarantine ourself and avoid to spread the virus.

Swiss Free Self Test

On top of the free Covid test that you can make with your doctor or in pharmacies, in Switzlerland, we can have 5 free self test every 30 days.

Link to the confederation website to know every details about the strategy

Self Test out of stock in Geneva ?

On the 21.04.2021 there is stock in the Pharmacy de L’Ile in Rolle

Pharmacy’s Facebook Link

Should I wear a mask in swiss gym ?

Yes, we must wear a mask !

At all time and it must normally covered all your mouth and nose. 

Customers talk About

Excellent experience with training with Cedric.

Highly knowledgeable about each muscle group so which ever pain or ache I presented, Cedric was able to reach and address it. Even though our training was done via screen due to Covid19 constraints, he was able to observe and correct my movements. [...]"

Coach Très Dynamique !

"Cédric est une personne très dynamique, toujours au taquet, vraiment à l'écoute, il m'a poussé quand c'était dur. il sait s'adapter et j'avoue qu’il a fait très fort ! Merci pour ta motivation ! [...]"


Super Expérience !

Ce coaching a été revitalisant et m’a redonné l’envie de faire du sport.
J’ai retrouvé la forme et je me suis raffermi. [...]"

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