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Thanks for accepting the FLexibility test !


According to me, the flexibility is one of the key physical quality to have to avoid injury and pain related to tensions. 

During each individual personal training, I dedicate some time for assisted stretching. This is the best way to recover and to free muscular tensions created during the workout.

In this page, you will find short videos to stretch the muscular group that we tested. With the result of your flexibility test, please refer to the end of the page to know the protocol.

Contact me for any question about flexibility, training and why not to set up a flexibility training together !

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Stretching the Dorsi:


Hang on a bar placed at a middle height, slowly shift to the front.

Placing: round your back, slightly bend your leg

A Version without the bar:

Stretch Dorsi 1
Stretch Dorsi 2

Stretching the hip flexor:


Use a mate for the knee confort

Placing: straight up your back and active your abs

Stretching the Hamstring:


Placing: straight up your back and active your abs, hands on the opposite leg than the stretched one

Stretching the glute


Placing: straight up your back, active your abs and the both glutes are in contact with the ground. 


Very Poor and Poor levels:

With this level of stiffness, you can do a dedicated training for flexibility outside of your usual training session. In this case, the assisted flexibility technics are very useful. Indeed, stretching muscles from the same group or from the opposite group could be a strategy.

Without warming up, progressively put your muscle in tension. Stay on the position on which the tension is rated 4 to 6 on the scale that goes from 1 to 10.

Your objective is to keep the position 30 secondes in the first time and you will try to go for a minute with your training.

Stretch yourself every time after your sport session.

Average Level:

At this level, the muscle we tested has a good movement amplitude. Simply think about stretching each time you train to maintain your physical quality. A dedicated stretching session will help you to improve.

Stretch yourself at the end of a training: keep the stretch position 10 sec and stretch at a level of 6/10.

Good and Very Good level:

You have a good mobility on the tested muscle. A dedicated stretching session will help if you need to improve the flexibility required for a sport or any other specific activity. Otherwise, a stretching after a sport session will help you to keep your flexibility level.

Stretch yourself at the end of a training: keep the stretch position 10 sec and stretch at a level of 6/10.

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