Restart Sport after Covid

How to restart sport after the covid 19 ?

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In this article, I will give you the best advices that fit most of the situation to restart the sport progressively after the lock down period due to the Covid 19.

During the sanitary crisis, you have probably seen your level of physical activity lower down (lock down, gym closing, close contact sport not allowed…) To make sure to go back on track in the best way, I give you my advice to take pleasure in sport quickly.

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Apply the progressivity concept to your discipline

1. Muscle Up your heart, advice for everyone

After the Covid lock down, restart sport by working out your heart is one of the best thing to do. Fundamental endurance is a key parameter that allows you to restart softly.

During the very first week of your restart period, I invite you to go out and have a dynamic walk. Your pace should let you the speak with an little effort. This protocol will ask you to walk at around 5 to 6 km/h or run very slowly depending on your shape.

If walking with a fast pace is not possible for you, you could also alternate fast walk and normal pace walk. Accelerate when you feel that it is possible.

An other strategy not to feel bored is to look at your current environment and challenge yourself with it. For instance, reach the next tree the fastest possible then rest and so on.

2. Best advice to go back to the gym after the Covid

Manage your excitement: 

You are finally back to the bodybuilding plateau of your favorite gym and you want to break your previous record so hard ! Calm your excess of willingness.

Here is my strategy: progressive load in every multi joints workout station. Two to tree Full Body training session per week. The objective of this program is to control yourself and to avoid to much of muscle soreness that could slow you down and stop you to going back to the gym many time per week.

The exercices that you could integrate in this program are:

– the Squat,
– the Dead Lift,
– the Lunge,
– the Chest Press and variations,
– the Pull Over,
– The pull up hands face you,
– the Rowing Machines

Think that you have probably decrease your personal record:

Workout by thinking about the feeling of the correct muscle on the machine. Ask a personal trainer or a coach if needed because the sticker on machines are on always accurate or complete. Your two first sets are warm up sets with them, you can evaluate your energy level of the day.

Workout with high range of set like 15 and do no search for the muscle failure in this first cycle.

Let your ego to the changing room and do not compete with anyone in the gym. It is possible that this one guy has a home gym and has never stop during the time of the covid 19 but not you !

3. Advice for collective Courses

In collective courses, the coach gives the rythme to follow to the audience. You should be aware of your capability and manage your own pace compare to the standard.

In courses with load management like crossfit or body pump, your load is the intensity parameter. Free yourself from the standard or your previous load and restart from a lighter bar.

Listen to your body and avoid the red zone for the very first weeks of training. For the first cycle of your way back to the gym, my vision goes to the opposite way of the benefit of the collective course. You should avoid to be carry on by the group effect ! I give the same advice when I welcome a new client in my small group training.

4. Advice for running, cycling and other endurance sports

With the good weather, it is tempting to wear your running shoes and go out for a run !

Before thinking about high intensity training, I invite you to run or cycle on the flat. Work your cadence first to restart your engine.

If you choose to run or cycle with partner make sure he has the same level than you or make sure he agrees to go at your pace. Going out with a faster partner is stimulating but it bursts to go out with someone faster.

5. Advice for team sports

Ideally, you kept yourself in shape during the covid period. If not, I advice you to spend two weeks by making more physical conditioning and light play. Working out your body in every direction and stabilisation muscles is a great start.

Start your cardio and avoid every hard contact is also a good advice

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