Fitness Program with a Personal Trainer

Who need a fitness program ?

Description of a fitness program or the physical activity for health with a Personal Trainer in Geneva Switzerland. This program is design for people who want to come  back on track, no matter how long you stay without sport activity and whatever the reason why you stop moving. It could be the time that flies, the lake of motivation or for health reasons.

Everybody looses his/her fitness level within six months without sport activity, irrespective of their former level. I talk about all the physical parameters like cardio, strength, flexibilty and muscle volume.

I bring you my support and goodwill that turns out in you by motivation to go further.

How do a Personal Trainer helps to become Fit ?

Becoming fit with a personal trainer is easy. Indeed, there are lots of information about sports activity in the internet, but by which way to start ? How do you set the information found to your current fitness level ? As a Personal Trainer, my part is to built a fitness program based on your level and feeling.

I take a lot of care to the progressivity in building your training plan.

The training plan gives us a direction but is could evolves. Indeed, your body in motion could reveal unbalanced muscle or tension that we have to fix.

Continuously listening at your feedback, I adapt the plan to make sure that you train without unnecessary pain.

Measures and Tests

In the beginning of the program, I propose to analyse your body composition with my Tanita tool. Tests can also be set up depending on your need.

The Tanita body analysis tool has a medical accuracy. It gives us a lot of measures that we can decide to follow. Measures are muscle mass per segment, fat mass per segment, percentage of body fat per segment, belly fat index, weight…

We repeat the analysis approximatively every month to see the changes.

Strength and cardio tests are optional and double check are made on demand.

Flexibility tests are performed everytime because they don’t requires any effort and I can prescribe exercice doable by everyone.

No Pain, Maximum Gain !

Reach your fitness Goal with a Personal Trainer in Geneva

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