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As a Personal Trainer, I think that the optimization of the fitness and the well-being result from an individual combination  of Endurance, Strength Balance, Flexibility and Nutrition.

You are unique and I design your training plan based on your current fitness level and your Fitness Objective. I understand you globally and my care goes beyond the time of our training.

I listen to your feedback carefully and I adapt the training to your feeling. I like to stay in the sport pleasure zone and to avoid unnecessary pain. 

Cédric, Personal Trainer in Geneva Switzerland


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Customers talk About

Excellent experience with training with Cedric.

Highly knowledgeable about each muscle group so which ever pain or ache I presented, Cedric was able to reach and address it. Even though our training was done via screen due to Covid19 constraints, he was able to observe and correct my movements. [...]"

Coach Très Dynamique !

"Cédric est une personne très dynamique, toujours au taquet, vraiment à l'écoute, il m'a poussé quand c'était dur. il sait s'adapter et j'avoue qu’il a fait très fort ! Merci pour ta motivation ! [...]"


Super Expérience !

Ce coaching a été revitalisant et m’a redonné l’envie de faire du sport.
J’ai retrouvé la forme et je me suis raffermi. [...]"


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